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Impacts by Project

Note: not all projects filled in this field

5th Street Corridor Redevelopment
Project will direct implementation plans to address citizen concerns and promote redevelopment in an area that serves as the City's main entry way and has not experienced the same level of redevelopment seen in surrounding areas.

Broward County Demonstration Smart Growth Project

Citi States Report

Dade County Smart Growth Demonstration Project in Overtown

Dania Beach Urban Infill and Redevelopment Area Plan
The goal of UIRA Plan is to provide the City of Dania Beach with a blueprint document that guides municipal staff and the community toward revitalization and future development that benefits this area and the entire city.

Development without Displacement
Development without Displacement project staff has worked with neighborhoods in Palm Beach County to develop strategies for building mixed income housing, within the context of protecting and preserving the social, cultural, and historical attributes of the communities. The Catanese Center believes that displacement can be minimized and that people can be empowered to influence development in their own communities. The project hopes to provide a meaningful model for other communities in the South Florida, the rest of the state, and nation.

Downtown Coral Springs
Project would promote transit and include significant affordable housing.

FAU/ City of Dania Beach Partnership
The agreement between the City of Dania Beach and Florida Atlantic University provides the city with additional resources and assistance to implement municipal tasks and respond to the needs of its communities.

Fulford City Center Redevelopment
The project will transform the 130 acre district into a pedestrian-friendly place to live, work and shop.

Imaging the Region

Lake Worth West
-formation of a resident based non-profit -establishment of a community center and neighborhood based programs -increased advocacy to obtain services from local government

Land Use Impacts and Solutions to Sea Level Rise
This project will have a positive impact on planning for critical facilities and other land uses if the sea level continues to rise as predicted.

Limestone Creek
-development of single family affordable housing -establishment of a childcare and educational facility -increased advocacy to recieve services from local government -greenway

Model Cities/Brownsville Brownfield
Project is cleaning up contaminated sites in an economically depressed area and providing opportunities for economic development.

Naranja Charrette
Naranja has decided that as a community it should attract safe housing for all incomes, good transportation and access to jobs. A master plan was accomplished to consider and capitalize on the following: 1. The proposed future bus stop along the Metro- Dade Busway 2. The County’s designation of a Community Urban Center around the proposed bus stop 3. Its proximity to the Urban Development Boundary 4. The unique geometry of US 1 approaching Naranja from the North 5. The amount of available vacant land 6. The presence of an existing healthy light industrial district 7. The presence of a Bell South station within a few feet of the proposed bus stop 8. The existing easement conecting Naranja and its proposed bus stop to what used to be the Homestead Air Force Base 9. Two new schools 10. The presence of canals and water features 11. The presence of Civic and Public buildings

Okeechobee Dike Evacuation and Shelter Plan (ODESA)
Project outcomes included a plan for evacuation and sheltering, the development of standard operating procedures for participating agencies, the creation of a public outreach campaign, and the evaluation and recommendation of a citizen notification and warning system.

Opa Locka EPA Brownfield
Clean-up will promote economic development and increase the tax base in a depressed area. Site assessments will determine level of contamination and remedial actions.

Overtown Civic Partnership and Design Center

Palm Beach County Demonstration Smart Growth Project

Port of Fort Pierce Master Plan
The Plan will provide for the orderly development, maintenance, management and use of the port while insuring the overall quality of the coastal zone environment adjacent to the port.

Regional Land Use Study for Martin and St. Lucie Counties
Creation of neighborhoods and communities throughout the corridor that will accommodate future population without unacceptable levels of traffic congestion.

Regional Wealth Building Forum

Scenario Planning

SFRPC Revolving Loan Program
The program provides funding to qualified business expansions that cannot receive traditional financing.

Small Business Disaster Recovery and Strategy Program
The expectation of this project is to gain active participation of small businesses in the development and use of the website and associated tools.

South Dade U.S. 1 Corridor Project
Creating a livable community where people have more choices in transportation, housing, jobs, shopping, neighborhood services, and recreational opportunites.

South Florida Smart Growth Land Trust

South Florida Urban Initiatives Fund

Southside Delray Beach
-increased capacity of local non-profits -completion of a redevelopment planning process for commercial & residential areas -affordable housing production

The Abacoa Project/Abacoa Partnership for Community
The Abacoa Project works to build a vital health community and ensure a civic minded society and responsible citizenry within the Abacoa development. The project seeks to encourage intelligent, responsible growth in the South Florida region, the state, and nation by presenting Abacoa as an example of sustainable urban design that addresses equity, the environment, and economy.

The Growth Partnership Initiative

The State Road 7 Collaborative
The project will promote economic development and business expansion; promote transit-oriented design and development; include the community in development of a Master Plan for the corridor. A proposal from the Urban Land Institute offering to complete a macro-level market analysis of the corridor was approved by the Steering Committee at its January 15, 2004 meeting. ULI has completed an assessment of the defined sub-market areas, utilizing a demographic profile established by the market study sub-committee. The results of the analysis will be used by an urban design charrette team to recreate a redevelopment master plan for the corridor. The target date for completing the market analysis is June 30,2004.

Treasure Coast Enterprise Fund
The primary goal of the Treasure Coast Enterprise Fund is to increase the availability of capital to small businesses that are expanding and creating quality jobs but have little or no access to conventional forms of bank business credit.