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Issues by Project

5th Street Corridor Redevelopment
Protection historic resources while promoting redevelopment in an area that is experience high intensity development.

Dade County Smart Growth Demonstration Project in Overtown

Dade County Smart Growth Demonstration Project in Overtown

Dania Beach Urban Infill and Redevelopment Area Plan
1)Lack of municipal funding to implement projects and initiatives 2)Limitations on municipal staff and resources to implement recommendations 3)The need to assist community groups in implementing projects and seeking funding 4)The need to increasing civic engagement and build community relationships 5) Need for additional analysis, economic studies, and feasibility studies to support recommendations 6)Displacement/gentrification

Downtown Coral Springs
The most critical issue is likely to be traffic congestion. Modifications to concurrency management and transit mitigation may be necessary.

Lake Worth West
The target area and non-profit are not large or advanced enough to tackle some of the big issues facing first ring suburbs in the County.

Land Use Impacts and Solutions to Sea Level Rise

Limestone Creek
There is marked division among the local non-profits and the community needs support to develop a new vision for their efforts.

Okeechobee Dike Evacuation and Shelter Plan (ODESA)
There is a lack of awareness about the instablity of the Dike.

Regional Land Use Study for Martin and St. Lucie Counties
Implementation of community centers alternative will require a public/private partnership to plan, design and implement.

Small Business Disaster Recovery and Strategy Program
The website must be updated continually as to provide meaningful and useful information to those who would access it.

South Dade U.S. 1 Corridor Project
In the 1999 Phase III final report, the following issues were identified by the project team: 1) Lack of strong market to encourage investment 2) Lack of attractive market rate housing 3)Significant amount of poorly maintained low income housing 4)Inadequate/Outdated Infrastructure 5)Inappropriate land development codes 6)Neighborhood resistance to change 7)Lengthy review/permitting process 8)Public school disparities 9)Perception of crime and lack of code enforcement

Southside Delray Beach
Key stakeholders of this project must be supported and strengthened so that they are able to drive the implementation of redevelopment plans.

The Abacoa Project/Abacoa Partnership for Community
1)Promoting racial and ethnic diversity at Abacoa 2)Collecting demographic data about ethnic or racial diversity in Abacoa 3)Collecting more baseline data and financial documentation about the Abacoa

The State Road 7 Collaborative
The Collaborative is currently seeking funds to pay for a corridor Master Plan and the implementing land development regulations. A proposed Bus Rapid Transit route will also require coordination between transit stops and development. The development of Transit-oriented design guidelines will be critical. Additionally, portions of the corridor are currently not served by central sewer limiting the opportunities for redevelopment.

Treasure Coast Enterprise Fund
The success of this program will be determined by how effectively it creates economic growth in the Region's distressed communities.