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Projects and Their Keywords

5th Street Corridor Redevelopment
Economic Development, Historic Preservation, Community Development, Aesthetic improvements, Public Safety
Atlantic Avenue Master Plan
Downtown Redevelopment
Broward County Demonstration Smart Growth Project
Citi States Report
Dade County Smart Growth Demonstration Project in Overtown
Dade County Smart Growth Demonstration Project in Overtown
Dania Beach Urban Infill and Redevelopment Area Plan
Civic Groups,Revitalization,Redevelopment,Infill Development
Development without Displacement
Gentrification, Redevelopment, Tools
Downtown Coral Springs
Economic Development, infill and redevelopment, housing, mobility.
Downtown Oakland Park
FAU/ City of Dania Beach Partnership
Fulford City Center Redevelopment
Economic Development, Urban Infill and Redevelopment
Gershbine Property
Glades Community Development Corporation (GCDC)
Non-profit Intermediary
Imaging the Region
Indian River County Study
Alternative patterns of settlement; towns, villages and cities
Lake Worth West
Comphrehensive Community Initiative
Land Use Impacts and Solutions to Sea Level Rise
sea level rise, land use planning, critical facilities
Limestone Creek
Comphrehensive Community Initiative
Model Cities/Brownsville Brownfield
Economic Development, Brownfields
Naranja Charrette
Town Planning
Okeechobee Dike Evacuation and Shelter Plan (ODESA)
Disaster Mitigation, Outreach
Opa Locka EPA Brownfield
Economic Development, Brownfields
Opa Locka Technical Assistance
Economic Development, Fiscal Impacts, Intergovernmental Coordination, Community Development
Overtown Civic Partnership and Design Center
Palm Beach County Demonstration Smart Growth Project
Port of Fort Pierce Master Plan
Ports, Coastal Initiatives
Regional Land Use Study for Martin and St. Lucie Counties
Land use, Transportation, Urban Design
Regional Wealth Building Forum
Rural Village of Booker Park
San Castle
Civic Organization
Scenario Planning
SFRPC Revolving Loan Program
Economic Development, Revolving Loan Programs
Small Business Disaster Recovery and Strategy Program
Disaster Mitigation
South Dade U.S. 1 Corridor Project
Transportation, Redevelopment, Community Planning, Urban Centers,
South Florida Smart Growth Land Trust
South Florida Urban Initiatives Fund
Southside Delray Beach
Comphrehensive Community Initiative
The Abacoa Project/Abacoa Partnership for Community
Public Officials, Urban Design, Redevelopment, New Urbanism, Training Programs, Environment
The Growth Partnership Initiative
The State Road 7 Collaborative
Economic Development, mobility, design, corridors, infill and redevelopment, safety, aesthetics, infrastructure, brownfields, housing, diversity.
Treasure Coast Enterprise Fund
Economic Development